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This blog was made to help give people who struggle with motivation reasons to become fit. I always see reasons why people want to lose weight, but I've never saw one for people who just want to get fit. So, hopefully this blog helps you:) & YES, I accept submissions HERE.
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Anonymous said: I bought myself a treadmill and I have been really motivated to workout until I tried the preset workouts and realized they were way too hard for me.. I feel like a failure :(

You’re far from a failure! Even though the workouts were too hard for you, at least you got up and did a workout today. Everyone has to start somewhere! Not being able to do the preset workouts should be your motivation to work harder so you can soon beat the treadmill’s ass. Once you keep working towards the workouts, you’ll be so proud of yourself for coming so far along and regret ever calling yourself a failure. You can do it!

submitted by email / photo submitted by cooperjeanne

submitted by email / photo submitted by cooperjeanne