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This blog was made to help give people who struggle with motivation reasons to become fit. I always see reasons why people want to lose weight, but I've never saw one for people who just want to get fit. So, hopefully this blog helps you:) & YES, I accept submissions HERE.
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Sorry for not updating you guys on anything lately! I’ve been busy with midterms and upcoming finals. I just wanted to let you guys know that we definitely have something special for you in store, hopefully, sometime during summer. We’ve also been working on the workout plans whenever we have free time, trying to perfect them and I’ve been coming up with plenty of ideas for reasons to be fit and maybe even different types of giveaways. Last but not least, when this semester ends, and a few weeks into summer, I will be able to regularly post reasons to be fit. So if you want to see your reason, then start submitting now! 

For those who are still interested in the recipe book…

Would you guys rather one with all user-submitted healthy recipes?
Then maybe we would be able to do something where the top 3 healthy recipes receive free recipe books?

Hey, again, guys! So the others and I are so close to finishing the workout plan, we all barely finished our finals and are finally on break. Also, we aren’t going to be doing the recipe book.

We want a create 2 different workout plans. The first is the dorm one, but what other workout plan would you guys be interested in buying?

Hey, guys!

Me and a few other people are collaborating for 2 different projects that involve reasons to be fit. I would tell you what they are, but that would ruin the surprise! Of course, being broke college students, we cannot fully fund both projects on our own but we definitely do not want any donations. We have a friend who is a personal trainer who is willing to help us create a simple, mini beginner workout plan that’s specifically for people who are staying in a dorm and can’t move around a lot or for people who just want a simple workout in their room without making too much noise. We plan on selling the mini workout plan anywhere from between 3-5$, depending on how long it turns out to be (it will most likely be 3$ no matter what). We also were thinking of creating a mini recipe book for a really cheap price, too. What we need to know is if you guys would be interested in this or if you have any other ideas? Thanks a bunch!


Finally hit 1,000 reasons to be fit!

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